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Job Seeker: I am just calling to inquire about my application status for job number JC24 that I applied for two weeks ago.

Employer: Oh yes! We are still reviewing all the applications, but your application is in the final stages of review with three others for this position. We will be notifying everyone this week with our final choice. *hangs up*

*looks at the person they hired for that position last week and laughs*

Rejected By Updated On Submitted By
Food Lion 12/18/2003-
Fox 8 08/20/2006Anonymous
JCPenny 01/03/2004Anonymous
Keane 04/09/2003David
Krispy Kreme 05/12/2003Irene
Lash Group 12/20/2006Dave
Lockheed Martin Corporation 11/24/2002Kyle
Marriott Business Services 01/18/2006Anonymous
MATRIX 04/16/2003David
Microsoft 12/17/2015David
Microsoft 08/03/2003Mr Angry
MSNBC 11/26/2003Darrel
NASCAR 05/07/2003-
Nationwide 10/16/2003Anonymous
New Hanover Health 06/03/2004Zoi
PBS 12/06/2015Casey
PETA 11/16/2010-
Premier Inc. 09/25/2009Anonymous
Redf 03/22/2003Clyde
Siemens 11/03/2004Lisa
St. Paul Travelers 01/18/2006Anonymous
State of Tennessee 09/07/2005Anonymous
Target 06/22/2005Samantha
The Inspiration Networks 12/11/2003-
Univ. Health Systems of Eastern Carolina 12/21/2003Anonymous
Wachovia Corporation 11/07/2003Anonymous

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