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Interviewer: You have the skills and experience we are looking for. It was nice speaking to you. Expect to hear something from us in a few days.

Job Seeker: Thanks for your time. *leaves*

*application and resume stored in the trash*

Interviewer: Yeah right! Like I will be wasting my time doing something like that. Idiot!

Rejected By Updated On Submitted By
Montreat College 09/13/2004XXXXXX
Clear Channel Radio 08/27/2004Anonymous
Moore and Flanery Law Offices 08/18/2004Fredrick
Michelin 08/10/2004Anonymous
CACI 08/04/2004Scott
Wachovia Recruiting Solutions 08/04/2004Anonymous
The Bellevue Hospital 07/31/2004Tina
American Red Cross 07/31/2004Anonymous
Cape Fear Valley Health System 07/21/2004Peggy
Wachovia Recruiting 07/21/2004-
First MediaWorks 07/20/2004Ty
Speedway Motorsports, Inc. 07/08/2004Jody
McKinsey & Company 07/08/2004Mad Gaijin
Lowe's Companies, Inc. 06/21/2004Joseph
Google 06/09/2004Anonymous
NC Blumenthal Performing Arts 06/08/2004Joseph
New Hanover Health 06/03/2004Zoi
Baptist Hospital 05/28/2004Patty
BAE SYSTEMS 05/15/2004Damon
Northeast Medical Center 05/10/2004Jody
University of Florida 05/05/2004Anonymous
Floyd, Yates, and Associates 05/03/2004Fredrick
Bates Industries 04/18/2004FT
U.S. Geological Survey 04/07/2004Scott
AMS 03/25/2004Kate
Villanova University Counseling Center 03/20/2004Anonymous

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