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Employer: Here is a nice qualified applicant. Wow, this is the one. Oh wait, the application states he is 45 miles away...but it does say he will relocate at his own expense. Hrm, oh well, it is not worth the hassle calling him to see if he really meant that.

*Files resume and application in the trash for safe keeping.*

Lets hire this applicant. Even though he is not very qualified, he is already nearby and thats really most important. Who wants the most qualified applicant, we want the quick fix.

Comments by - Anonymous
Last updated on 07/31/2004

And here is what they were:

The only thing worse than not receiving a rejection letter is receiving a poorly written rejection letter.

1. The date line should have started on the third line below the letterhead or two inches from the top of the page. It started on the eighth line below the letterhead, which was 3? inches from the top of the page.
2. The inside address started on the fourth line below the date. It should have started on the sixth line below the date. 3. My name was spelled incorrectly.
4. I was referred to by my first name in the salutation.
5. There was a space between my name and the colon in the salutation.
6. The average paragraph contains between 100 and 150 words, or between four and eight sentences. The longest paragraph in this letter contained 24 words and two sentences. The other two so-called paragraphs contained one sentence with one having 14 words and the other containing 12 words.
7. There was only one space after the period and the second sentence in the two-sentence paragraph.
8. There was a space before the semicolon in the last sentence.
9. A semicolon is used between main clauses not joined by a coordinating conjunction and separates equal and balanced sentence elements.
10. Who is the ?we? the office manager refers to in the second and last sentences? The letter is signed by one person and there is no mention of either an employee search committee or a personnel committee.

In addition to the errors throughout the rejection letter, there are other areas of concern. For example, there was a cut-off date to apply for employment. Any resume not received before that date would have gone into the trash. Therefore, it was not necessary to mention a timely response. If my credentials were excellent, why wasn?t I selected for an interview? What was I being told?
A. Your credentials were excellent; but, we wish you success in your future endeavors.
B. Your credentials were excellent; therefore, we wish you success in your future endeavors.
C. Your credentials were excellent; and, we wish you success in your future endeavors.
D. Your credentials were excellent; so, we wish you success in your future endeavors.
E. Your credentials were excellent; yet, we wish you success in your future endeavors.
F. Your intelligence exceeds our requirements and we feel other organizations will have the same low standards; therefore, we wish you luck in finding employment where intellect is appreciated.

Comments from a Staff Member:

There is nothing more that could be said that the submitter did not already say. Great comments!

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