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Interviewer: You have the skills and experience we are looking for. It was nice speaking to you. Expect to hear something from us in a few days.

Job Seeker: Thanks for your time. *leaves*

*application and resume stored in the trash*

Interviewer: Yeah right! Like I will be wasting my time doing something like that. Idiot!

Comments by - Jonathan Foster
Last updated on 12/21/2006

And here is what they were:

This is a rejection I got for a manuscript that I sent out according to guidelines outlined in The Writer's Market. I receive rejections all the time, but this one was so fine that I had to put it into my own forum for others to enjoy as well.

Enjoy. I did.

Comments from a Staff Member:

As much as I am shocked by this letter, or lack there of, I am not suprised. I would have to agree, this is probably the best letter ever.

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