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Employer: Here is a nice qualified applicant. Wow, this is the one. Oh wait, the application states he is 45 miles away...but it does say he will relocate at his own expense. Hrm, oh well, it is not worth the hassle calling him to see if he really meant that.

*Files resume and application in the trash for safe keeping.*

Lets hire this applicant. Even though he is not very qualified, he is already nearby and thats really most important. Who wants the most qualified applicant, we want the quick fix.

Comments by - TC
Last updated on 09/09/2005

And here is what they were:

In my mind, this is a pretty good cookie cutter letter. This cookie cutter letter came about 5 days after I applied for the job online, most letters come instantly because of some computer geeky software thing. So I guess someone actually has the job to copy and past this letter to applicants. Now I am no expert, but when this company implies that if I ever hear from them again, it will be because I have good skills. But, if I do not, then I basically stunk and have no skills. It has been three months, so I guess I basically suck.

Commnets from a Staff Member:

I guess that is a good way to get yourself off the hook from speaking following up. The bad part about this letter is your name was "Dear Applicant".

Also, I like your description of how email is instantly sent back. "Computer geeky software thing"; GENIUS!

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