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Hiring Manager: I grow tired of this applicant we interviewed two weeks ago. He is calling and asking us questions about when we will make our choice. Will he not learn? I think we should continue ignoring him and not even tell him if he was not picked. That would be expected. People do not want to hear from us right? So we will not even respond. Boy we are gonna save millions by not bothering to respond to applicants as well as the ones we actually interview.

Everyone else in the room: Excellent idea sir! We will be RICH!

Comments by - Anonymous
Last updated on 11/07/2003

And here is what they were:

Wachovia wasted a whole page of blabber to tell me my resume will be filed under T for trash, even though they said it will remain in a database for a recruiter to access it. The only recruiter who could access it, is the janitor who emptied the trash can after they had not received their employment form that has no influence on the status of my resume. Well if it did not matter that I was a white male, why ask. This letter should say "You may be a great fit for our company, but we need to see how white you are."

Additional Comments from an Anonymous Sender:

My daughter went to a job fair about around 11/02, at which Wachovia was present.They were very interested in her CR skills, and set up testing at local headquarters. She went for testing, and was told she finished at the top of the group, and they would contact her to set up 'start date, etc'. Several weeks went by, she heard nothing. She called, they said they were still reviewing final information, date for training classes to begin, etc. Within 10 days, she received a generic letter that another person more qualified was chosen for the position. Being in a job search mode myself now, I have found basically the same response when I apply with Wachovia. Lots of jobs for which I am qualified, and no response.

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