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Employer: Where was that resume I told you to file? Can you bring it back with three additional copies?

Employee: Oh, I am sorry. I thought when you said to file it, you meant throw it in the trash like always.

Employer: Ah who am I kidding! We were just gonna hire someone else anyway. The janitor told me about his nephew, who has a computer.

Comments by - TS
Last updated on 10/02/2007

And here is what they were:

Just another NFL team letter that I am trying to get a job with. I think I just want some sort of free tickets to games. Anyway, here is something else for the site.

Comments from a Staff Member:

This little "resume receipt" letter they have is really worded funny. "We are in receipt of your resume" and the "We will maintain your resume on file" lines really make me laugh. They just sound so strange and forced.

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