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Employer: Here is a nice qualified applicant. Wow, this is the one. Oh wait, the application states he is 45 miles away...but it does say he will relocate at his own expense. Hrm, oh well, it is not worth the hassle calling him to see if he really meant that.

*Files resume and application in the trash for safe keeping.*

Lets hire this applicant. Even though he is not very qualified, he is already nearby and thats really most important. Who wants the most qualified applicant, we want the quick fix.

Comments by - David
Last updated on 12/17/2015

And here is what they were:

Here is the letter from Microsoft, I can't really think of nothing to say about it except I have tons of Microsoft products that have to be updated every 10 minutes it seems and all they had to do was glance at my resume for 20 seconds and they probably did not even read it. I imagine they set up a printer that prints out the resumes into a shredder INSTANTLY.

Comments from the Staff.

Maybe they were gonna read it but they had to read 10 paragraphs of terms and conditions to do so.

Comments from WD:

I got one last year. The interview was smooth: filled with questions like "Compare to other programmers, do you rate yourself poor, good, or excellent?", "Do you like programming?" There was no technical question at all.

After the rejection, I got an email asking for feedback. I logged on the site, and it was "Do you rate your interview poor, good, or excellent?"

Comments from an angry Floridian:

You're lucky if all you got was a letter from Microsoft. I've had several of their recruiters contact me telling me I was a perfect match for a position they had. A subsequent interview was set up and was conducted. The outcome was they were going to forward my information along with their notes to the hiring manager.

One week goes by, then another, without any further contact from Microsoft. When I finally called the recruiter they told me that the hiring manager is planning to contact me. Two more weeks later, and still nothing. Now the recruiter does not respond to either emails or phone messages. NOT PROFESSIONAL.

This has happened to me 6 times now. Bottom line they are either so busy that they cannot follow up with people THEY contacted.

UPDATE: The poster sent an email regarding Microsoft. It said. First, I cannot believe this site is still up! Secondly, after many years and job switches, I landed a job at Microsoft. I have been there for four years now.

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