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Links for the rejected:

IT Manager: Can you look to see if there are any resumes sent in by someone with the a Web Developers skill set, mostly HTML, ASP, SQL, Dreamweaver, Flash, freehand, and ADO.

Janitor: *digs in the trash*
Here is one.

IT Manager: Excellent. Degree in Computer Information Systems, four years experience in HTML and ASP. Two years with SQL and VB Script. Look a portfolio of URLs. Impressive.

Janitor: I have a nephew who has a computer at home.

IT Manager: Great! We will hire him instead.

Comments by - Joseph
Last updated on 10/13/2005

And here is what they were:

This letter in my mind is borderline insulting at best. I mean if you are gonna word it like that, why bother sending me a letter. ITS CALLED TACT! I think SATAN himself could write a friendlier letter. You stated my resume was archived…why would you lie like that. If I was not good enough for the past 6 months, why would you save it for longer. Since the rest of the letter was an insult, you should have just added "by the way, your resume is in the trash."

Comments by San Fran Gal:

AQUENT = A Quick Useless Excuse Not to Try~!

As a visual designer with many friends in the same field, we wonder whether or not AQUENT EVER hires anyone at all! One collague has received this same crap reject letter 4 times! The sad thing is, we believe AQUENT was once MacTemps, a kinda-cool company that was started by a college kid here in San Fran trying to find work. We wonder - perhaps too many reject letters? Could AQUENT be the result of "rejection revenge?!!" And if they never hire anyone, what's the point in advertising a position ANYWAY?!

More Comments:

I saw this letter and about laughed out loud. Well I guess I am proof that Aquent does hire people. I worked for Aquent for 1 1/2 years as a freelancer at Lowe's corporate in NC. I have since moved on to greener pastures but wanted to let you all know that your letter of rejection was a blessing in disguise. Trust me the design positions they have advertised are not worth wasting your time over. They lured me into my position at Lowe's with false promises of being hired full time and the wonderful environment, creative work, etc. It was all a bunch of fluff. I worked for terrible, uneducated people, endured being treated like a second rate employee by people who were missing teeth and was frequently referred to as a "temp". After working hard for over a year I still had not been hired full time while Lowe's continued to hire people that came from outside the company. It became crystal clear to me that Aquent did not care about my career or me. But, they simply wanted to make their commission off of me. Since then I have moved on to greener pastures, but wanted to share my story to save others the wasted time of dealing with either of these companies.

Additional Venting by Anonymous :

Aquent is an example of how a small company can grow into a faceless, evil corporation. This is a company that blacklisted me because I turned down work from them ONCE in many years of being active in their database, and because years after that "event" I answered a postcard they sent me about FT work with a legitimate inquiry into whether they could actually provide it. This is a company that called me up after a long day of working for someone else, just to tell me that they were not going to rep me any more. If Aquent goes out of business it will be a shining day for designers everywhere. Remember, friends don't let friends hire Aquent.

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