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Links for the rejected:

IT Manager: Can you look to see if there are any resumes sent in by someone with the a Web Developers skill set, mostly HTML, ASP, SQL, Dreamweaver, Flash, freehand, and ADO.

Janitor: *digs in the trash*
Here is one.

IT Manager: Excellent. Degree in Computer Information Systems, four years experience in HTML and ASP. Two years with SQL and VB Script. Look a portfolio of URLs. Impressive.

Janitor: I have a nephew who has a computer at home.

IT Manager: Great! We will hire him instead.

Comments by - Henry
Last updated on 04/29/2003

And here is what they were:

And thank you Alltel for swamping my local newpaper with ads about careers, but when you look for one there are only 3 careers at the time I searched.

Comments from a staff member.

Hang in there Henry not all companies can be ALL Tales?I mean someone has to be hiring?right?right?right?

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