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Interviewer: Looking over your resume that you wrote on a used paper napkin, I do not see what qualifies you for this job as Web Developer.

Job Seeker: Well, to be honest I am not qualified to do this job.

Interviewer: Oh well, I like your honesty, I am sure you can learn.

Job Seeker: Well, do not bet on it.

Interviewer: I will take that as a yes. Welcome aboard.

Comments by - Anonymous
Last updated on 09/25/2009

And here is what they were:

Well, sadly I had a telephone and an in person interview, and they never even sent any information that I was not hired. I assume I was not hired since it has been three months and probably 50 phone calls trying to get information. But the bottom line is; the only contact I got was their autoresponse when I applied.

How hard is it to say you did not get the job? I mean, you would think an in person interview would get some sort of rejection.

Comments from Anonymous:

Why keep a resume on the system for two years? Wouldn't you hope to have found a position with another company before then? Or do they think you want to work for their company so badly that you will wait that long to join them. This letter definitely shows that most companies will deposit resumes directly into the rubbish.

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