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Hiring Manager: Looking at all of these resumes has helped me remember I have other things to do.

Everyone else in the room: Excellent idea sir! Wasting time on other things RULES!

Comments by - Anonymous
Last updated on 02/29/2004

And here is what they were:

Ok, so I added the "clone" part, but come on, it's a stock letter, with only my name changed. Speaking of which, who addresses a letter "Ms. FirstName"? Shouldn't it be "Ms. LastName"? Must have been trying to save ink/toner and did not want to print out new letter. If that's the case, why even bother with the last two lines? You don't care if I got run over by a Mack truck as I exited the building from my grueling 8 hour interview. It should be signed "Insincerely, HR" Now I know their sweet, polite smiles during the interview were totally fake. If they weren't interested, why did they make me hang around for an extra 2 hours? The schedule said I would be done by 2.30, instead I got out at almost 5, making sure I would get stuck in rush hour traffic on my over 2-hour long drive home, which I was not even reimbursed for. I guess you're considered a local candidate if you're in the same state. If I am ever in a position to hire, I would cut the insincere bs. Plus, they didn't get back to me within the two week time they promised. Whatever. Do I really want to work for a company whose robots can't even help the government fight terrorism? I think not.

Comments from a Staff Member:

Now, I would be willing to bet this company thinks the rejection letter they send out is great, but I think it is a prime example of everyone elses letter on the planet. The thing about rejection letters like this, is they really make you mad and not want to ever consider future careers with them. Because with all cookie cutter letters, its them saying you are not even worth the companies time to even remotely create a letter that somehow fits the situation of rejection.

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