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Employer: Where was that resume I told you to file? Can you bring it back with three additional copies?

Employee: Oh, I am sorry. I thought when you said to file it, you meant throw it in the trash like always.

Employer: Ah who am I kidding! We were just gonna hire someone else anyway. The janitor told me about his nephew, who has a computer.

Letter from - Montreat College
Submitted by - XXXXXX
Last updated on 09/13/2004

And the letter reads:

August 23, 2004


Dear XXXX,

Thank your so much for your interest in the position of Web Developer. We received many impressive resumes. This has made our decision very difficult. However, the person we selected to fill this position had the qualities and experience that best matched what we were seeking in a web designer.

We will be keeping a copy of your resume on file for a year. Thanks again for your interest.


Director of Admissions
Chair of the Web Team

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