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Interviewer: You have the skills and experience we are looking for. It was nice speaking to you. Expect to hear something from us in a few days.

Job Seeker: Thanks for your time. *leaves*

*application and resume stored in the trash*

Interviewer: Yeah right! Like I will be wasting my time doing something like that. Idiot!

Letter from - Gestalten
Submitted by - Anonymous
Last updated on 11/19/2004

And the letter reads:


Thanks for sending work. We're pretty open to new writers; every issue of Gestalten has at least 1 totally unpublished poet. But overall, people don't usually start writing experimental work. Your poems are quirky, and have a light-hearted tone that we don't see very often. But we need heavily experimental, abstract work---the sort of stuff most people don't accept as "poetry." The Gestalten web site has some samples from past issues (see also the "Selby" gallery).

All best,



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