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Employer: Here is a nice qualified applicant. Wow, this is the one. Oh wait, the application states he is 45 miles away...but it does say he will relocate at his own expense. Hrm, oh well, it is not worth the hassle calling him to see if he really meant that.

*Files resume and application in the trash for safe keeping.*

Lets hire this applicant. Even though he is not very qualified, he is already nearby and thats really most important. Who wants the most qualified applicant, we want the quick fix.

Letter from - Class Software
Submitted by - Anonymous
Last updated on 12/10/2004

And the letter reads:

An email was sent to you last month inviting you to participate in our hiring process at Class Software. If you are still looking for employment, please read the following email.

We would normally give you a phone call to explain our hiring process; however, we are currently processing a high volume of resumes for a number of positions available at Class Software. The email below outlines the hiring process and you can also go to our website to read more about our company and the 6 step hiring process.

When you are ready to take the first step and book your test please email the day and time you would like to write the test to denisec@classinfo.com or you can call Denise at 604-501-7299. We will hold your resume until Dec 10.

Subject: Logical Reasoning Test Information and Directions The 1st test is called the Logical Reasoning Test and it takes about 2 hours. We go over the 6 step hiring process, and then work through two sample questions, then you are given 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete the test. Your test will be marked right away. If you pass the test you will be e-mailed a link to do the Personality Profile. In total you should allow yourself about a good 2 hour window of time to write the tests and give yourself extra time to arrive a bit early because the tests start right on time. You are also welcome to bring a calculator and dress casually. When you arrive at the office please report to reception. Our website gives you a map to our office. If you find that this opportunity isn't for you or you have accepted another job offer it would be greatly appreciated if you would let us know.

Thank you and best of luck.
Human Resources

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