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Employer: Where was that resume I told you to file? Can you bring it back with three additional copies?

Employee: Oh, I am sorry. I thought when you said to file it, you meant throw it in the trash like always.

Employer: Ah who am I kidding! We were just gonna hire someone else anyway. The janitor told me about his nephew, who has a computer.

Letter from - Staples
Submitted by - Jason
Last updated on 10/18/2005

And the letter reads:

Copywriter 9846BR: Going internal
Coord Production 9857BR: Filled
Spec Product - Staples.com 10278BR : Need more experience
Analyst Margin 10439BR: Need more experience
Assoc Analyst Inventory 10294BR: Filled
Spec Catalog Production 10548BR: Need more experience
Sr Asst Administrative (Corp) 10665BR: Filled


You seem to be applying for anything that comes along. That is a turn off for us. All of the positions you applied for are all completely different positions with completely different skill sets. As a word of advise, try to pick one or two positions you are interested in that may be some what related. Read the job descriptions and see how many years of experience is needed to better determine which positions you could do.

Thank you,

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