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Links for the rejected:

Interviewer: You have the skills and experience we are looking for. It was nice speaking to you. Expect to hear something from us in a few days.

Job Seeker: Thanks for your time. *leaves*

*application and resume stored in the trash*

Interviewer: Yeah right. Some people will believe anything you tell them!

Letter from - Fox 8
Submitted by - Anonymous
Last updated on 08/20/2006

And the letter reads:


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for expressing interest in employment opportunities at WGHP-FOX8.We certainly appreciated hearing from you. We received a significant number of responses from many qualified applicants and it has been difficult to properly evaluate everyone on a timely basis.

As we continue our evaluation, we will contact those applicants whose background most closely matches the requirements of the positions to schedule a personal interview.

We will retain all other responses on file in the event of future opportunities. If you are not contacted, please accept our thanks for your interest in WGHP-FOX8.

Human Resources Department



Please detach and return this portion.WGHP-FOX8 is requesting this information to comply with FCC affirmative action reporting requirements. All responses will remain anonymous and the data will be maintained separately. Thank you for your assistance.

Position Applied for:_______________________Date Applied:__________

Race/National Origin:
_White (not Hispanic)
_Black (not Hispanic)
_Asian or Pacific Islander
_Native American or Alaskan Native

How did you learn about this position? (Please be specific, naming any publication, agency, organization or other source.)

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