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Employer: Where was that resume I told you to file? Can you bring it back with three additional copies?

Employee: Oh, I am sorry. I thought when you said to file it, you meant throw it in the trash like always.

Employer: Ah who am I kidding! We were just gonna hire someone else anyway. The janitor told me about his nephew, who has a computer.

Letter from - Intel
Submitted by - Anonymous
Last updated on 12/25/2007

And the letter reads:

I have reviewed the feedback both from our resume AND phone screening processes. The basis for our decision was not technical?your responses to the technical questions were good. Our concern was on the behavioral side.

When considering candidates for the Program we find that those most likely to succeed are those who have evidence of:

* Participation in extracurricular activities (sports, student professional organizations, non-profits, volunteer work, etc)
* Having held leadership positions in extracurricular activities
* Practical work experience with an engineering or technical company (internships)

In my initial review of your resume I noted that you did not include any of these (there was one reference to sports but it was from several years ago and the work experience was not technical in nature). The extracurricular and technical work experience are generally critical to a student?s ability to provide strong answers to the behavioral interview questions. There?s no doubt that you have strong technical skills and very likely would do well in a direct placement position within Intel. My concern is that without the proven leadership skills you would not fit well with the demands and expectations of the Program.

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