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Interviewer: Well, looking over your resume that you wrote on a used paper napkin, I really do not see what qualifies you for this job as Web Developer or any job here.

Job Seeker: Well sir, it says my last name is Short...nephew to Chris Short, the janitor.

Interviewer: Excellent! Who cares about finding a Web Developer for this job. Tell Chris I said hello...and the bathrooms look spotless. Oh yes...Welcome aboard!

Letter from - Morgan Stanley
Submitted by - Anonymous
Last updated on 01/31/2008

And the letter reads:


Thank you for interviewing with us for __________ We enjoyed talking to you and learning more about your experiences and interests.

Careful consideration has been given to each individual interviewed. You have an impressive background, however, based on our hiring needs, we are unable to proceed further with your application at this time. This decision does not in any way reflect negatively on your credentials.

Kindly note that, Morgan Stanley firm policy prevents us from disclosing the reason that we cannot pursue your candidacy for our program.

We would encourage you to continue to review your fit with the job descriptions for future programs and wish you the best for your future career endeavors.

Yours sincerely,
_______Recruiting Team

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