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Interviewer: Well, looking over your resume that you wrote on a used paper napkin, I really do not see what qualifies you for this job as Web Developer or any job here.

Job Seeker: Well sir, it says my last name is Short...nephew to Chris Short, the janitor.

Interviewer: Excellent! Who cares about finding a Web Developer for this job. Tell Chris I said hello...and the bathrooms look spotless. Oh yes...Welcome aboard!

Letter from - Redf
Submitted by - Clyde
Last updated on 03/22/2003

And the letter reads:

A recruiter for Redf will be receiving your resume shortly. While you are waiting to hear from Redf, please use the links below to find out more about us.

To view this job again:

To view other jobs from this company:

To search for more jobs:

This is is an automated courtesy response, provided by GO Jobs, the trusted recruiting solution provider of Redf.

If you need any assistance regarding your online job search, please visit the GO Jobs site for more information.

Thank you,

The GO Jobs Job Seeker support Team.

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