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Hiring Manager: I grow tired of this applicant we interviewed two weeks ago. He is calling and asking us questions about when we will make our choice. Will he not learn? I think we should continue ignoring him and not even tell him if he was not picked. That would be expected. People do not want to hear from us right? So we will not even respond. Boy we are gonna save millions by not bothering to respond to applicants as well as the ones we actually interview.

Everyone else in the room: Excellent idea sir! We will be RICH!

Letter from - Redf
Submitted by - Clyde
Last updated on 03/22/2003

And the letter reads:

A recruiter for Redf will be receiving your resume shortly. While you are waiting to hear from Redf, please use the links below to find out more about us.

To view this job again:

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This is is an automated courtesy response, provided by GO Jobs, the trusted recruiting solution provider of Redf.

If you need any assistance regarding your online job search, please visit the GO Jobs site for more information.

Thank you,

The GO Jobs Job Seeker support Team.

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