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Links for the rejected:

IT Manager: Can you look to see if there are any resumes sent in by someone with the a Web Developers skill set, mostly HTML, ASP, SQL, Dreamweaver, Flash, freehand, and ADO.

Janitor: *digs in the trash*
Here is one.

IT Manager: Excellent. Degree in Computer Information Systems, four years experience in HTML and ASP. Two years with SQL and VB Script. Look a portfolio of URLs. Impressive.

Janitor: I have a nephew who has a computer at home.

IT Manager: Great! We will hire him instead.

Letter from - MATRIX
Submitted by - David
Last updated on 04/16/2003

And the letter reads:

Thank you for your interest in MATRIX and in the job opportunities that we currently have available. We have received your information and have already made it available to our Recruiters who are constantly in search of those individuals who match the needs of our clients. Whenever your skills and experience are the best match for one of our opportunities, we will call you immediately, and will always obtain your permission before submitting you to one of our clients.

Allthough we continue to find opportunities for hundreds of IT professionals, we are deeply aware that there are still many of you whom we will not be able to assist because of the challenges that this market has brought to you, and to us, in connecting great candidates with the clients that we serve. Our offices are currently receiving over 1,000 resumes each day, a number that far exceeds the number of opportunities available. In the past months we've changed our processes, developed new technology, and reorganized our teams to serve you, and our clients, more effectively in this new market environment.

One of the necessary changes we've made is in reducing our availability to you by phone. This change was required in order to guarantee that our Recruiters are constantly reviewing qualified candidates like you and matching them to job opportunities. We hope that you understand the need for this change and want you to know that, under different circumstances, we would prefer to speak to each of you whenever you call. Please support us by communicating with us through email until we are able to match your skills and experience to one of our openings.

We want your job search to be successful. Whether you find your next job through MATRIX, or your own networking efforts, we know that what matters most to you is the result, not the method. To help you, we've developed an outstanding career workshop to give you ideas and techniques on some of the most essential skills you'll need. We're offering these invitation-only career workshops in our office at no cost to you. Watch for coming announcements on these valuable workshops both through email and on our Web site.

MATRIX remains committed to helping you complete a successful job search. Through our outstanding services, as well as innovative programs such as our career workshops, we will continue to assist you in every way we can to find the opportunities that are right for you.

Thanks, again, for your interest in us and for supporting the changes that enable us to serve you more effectively.


Jim Huling

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