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Interviewer: Well, looking over your resume that you wrote on a used paper napkin, I really do not see what qualifies you for this job as Web Developer or any job here.

Job Seeker: Well sir, it says my last name is Short...nephew to Chris Short, the janitor.

Interviewer: Excellent! Who cares about finding a Web Developer for this job. Tell Chris I said hello...and the bathrooms look spotless. Oh yes...Welcome aboard!

Letter from - Aquent
Submitted by - Joseph
Last updated on 10/13/2005

And the letter reads:

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your interest in Aquent and for taking the time to fill out our online application.

We have held onto your application for the past six months, but unfortunately, we do not currently have many openings for individuals with your skill set.

Openings we do have are being filled by talent we currently work with. It's part of our commitment to our talent that we do our best to keep them as busy as they want to be.

Because of this, we cannot currently represent you. However, we are archiving your application. If a job opens up that we cannot fill from within our current talent pool, we look next at archived individuals. If it looks like you match what the client is looking for, we will certainly contact you.

Please feel free to reapply in a few months, as needs do change regularly.

Best of luck with your job search!

Debbie Clary | Charlotte Area Manager

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