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Hiring Manager: Looking at all of these resumes has helped me remember I have other things to do.

Everyone else in the room: Excellent idea sir! Wasting time on other things RULES!

Letter from - Dell
Submitted by - Dave
Last updated on 05/12/2003

And the letter reads:

We received your resume!
And it's in the right place.

Thanks for your interest in joining Dell. We're always looking for smart, ambitious people who want to be one of the best. As one of the world's #1 direct seller of computers, and provider of services and technology consulting, the spectrum of employment possibilities are as varied as they are challenging. We're keeping your resume in our database for a full six months - and for two great reasons. It improves your chances of finding the job that's right for you. And it improves our chances of finding the right employee for the job. So you can be sure we're keeping a close eye on your resume, as opportunities become available. During this time, there's no need to resubmit your resume. If we find a favorable match, we'll contact you. Be sure to check our website for an up-to-the-minute listing of current openings.

Thanks again and good luck!


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