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Employer: Where was that resume I told you to file? Can you bring it back with three additional copies?

Employee: Oh, I am sorry. I thought when you said to file it, you meant throw it in the trash like always.

Employer: Ah who am I kidding! We were just gonna hire someone else anyway. The janitor told me about his nephew, who has a computer.

Letter from - Computech
Submitted by - Jody
Last updated on 07/21/2003

And the letter reads:

Dear Jody,
To be honest, when I look at your skillset in regards with the amount of time since you graduated, I think you should have more current skills. If you decide to take further training, self taught or not, I would suggest C#, and other .NET tools. I hope that you take this email, and use it as an eye opener for getting back into the books. There is alot of $$$ to be made for ambitious individuals. Please feel free to contact me in the future.

Donald Hobbs

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