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Hiring Manager: Looking at all of these resumes has helped me remember I have other things to do.

Everyone else in the room: Excellent idea sir! Wasting time on other things RULES!

Letter from - University of California Los Angeles
Submitted by - Erica
Last updated on 03/14/2004

And the letter reads:


After careful review of your application for admission, we sincerely regret to tell you that we are unable to offer you admission for the Fall Quarter 2004. Let me assure you that we understand and share your disappointment.

UCLA continues to receive more applications for admission than we can accommodate while the number of admission spaces has not increased. For fall 2004, we received more than 43,000 applications for about 3,900 spaces in the class. Each application is unique and each student presents wonderful attributes and potential. Our work is extraordinarily difficult: admission officers thoroughly review each application and carefully balance grades, coursework, test scores, honors, awards, community service, leadership, and work experience. Admission officers consider as well the opportunities and challenges students face while they attain so much in their schools and communities. No single attribute or achievement guarantees admission--there are simply too many well-qualified, accomplished, and capable applicants for the number of freshman spaces.

Undoubtedly, your accomplishments assure you a place at another outstanding college or university. Although I realize our decision will be disappointing for you, we are sure you will have many opportunities to achieve your educational aspirations.

If attending the University of California remains your goal, you should know that there are a number of other opportunities for admission. To learn more about transferring to UCLA as a junior, please visit www.admissions.ucla.edu/transfer or www.admissions.ucla.edu/tap.

Again, I wish you every success in achieving your educational goals.

Dr. Vu T. Tran

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